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Pumps three-plunger krivoshipny PT and T Pump 2,3PT
In stock 
Pumps three-plunger krivoshipny PT and T are intended for pumping of neutral and aggressive liquids. From a warehouse: 2,3 PT-2,5/16 D1-A1, set ZIP 2,3 PT-1/40 D1-A1 unit, set ZIP
Group: Piston pumps
Pumps and units dosing plunger ND
In stock 
Pumps and units dosing plunger ND are intended for volume pressure head dispensing of neutral and aggressive liquids, emulsions and suspensions with kinematic viscosity from 8,5x10 to 8x10 sq.m / with (from 0,0085 do8 to St), with a temperature from - 15 to + 200 °C, with concentration of a firm...
Group: Piston pumps
Units dosing tight membrane NDG, NDGR, NDGE
In stock 
Units are intended for volume pressure head dispensing of neutral, aggressive, toxic and harmful liquids, emulsions and suspensions with kinematic viscosity from 3,5 • 10 - 7 to 8 • 10 - 4 sq.m / with (from 0,0035 to 8 St), with the maximum density of 2000 kg/m3, with a temperature from-15 to + 100...
Group: Units pump
KO-503 lubrication system
In stock 
The lubrication system represents the oil tank attached to pump housing. From tank oil through dropper arrives for lubricant of working surfaces of the pump. The KO-503B lubrication system serves for decrease in wear of the rubbing pump parts, namely bearings, blades of the pump, pump housing.
Group: Systems for lubricating
Supercharger of HC-250-1,5 lubricant of m
In stock 
Superchargers of HC-250-1,5 greasing of m are intended for forcing of dense greasings like solid oil, tsiaty, litol, etc., under a high pressure in the shutoff valves used in oil industry. The simple design allows to prepare quickly superchargers for work and it is easy to put for...
Group: Superchargers of lubricant
Press hydraulic PG-1.
In stock 
The press hydraulic PG-1 is intended for test of water supply systems, systems of heating, other pipelines and capacities by water, pressure up to 25 kgfs/cm2. Type of a climatic modification of UHL4 in accordance with GOST 15150-69. The press represents the installation consisting of the lamellar...
Group: Installation of leak test
Pumps centrifugal multistage ANTsS
In stock 
Pumps are tsetrobezhny multistage ANTsS are intended for pumping of water and neutral liquids (including for coppers of a small poizvoditelnost). Can also will be applied to supply of technical water in a power supply system and water treatment of boiler units. Tempetratura of the pumped-over...
Group: Centrifugal pumps
Pneumatic one-saddle POU-7 actuation mechanism; POU-8; POU-11
In stock 
Pneumatic one-saddle POU-7 actuation mechanism...... Are established by POU-12 on pipelines and are intended for regulation of an expense of a stream of liquids, vapors and gases, not aggressive to materials of regulator. The actuation mechanism can work in areas with temperate, frigid and...
Group: Shut-off valves
Pumps centrifugal TsG 50-32-200, 65-40-200,80-50-200
In stock 
Pumps TsG, tight, centrifugal, console, with the magnetic coupling, are intended for pumping of neutral, toxic, chemically active, flammable liquids including the liquefied gases, couples of which can form with air explosive mixes of categories 2A and 2B, groups T1, T2, T3, T4 in accordance with...
Group: Centrifugal pumps
Pump centrifugal KM 50-32-200, 80-50-200
In stock 
Pumps centrifugal KM with the closed driving wheel are used to increase of pressure at water supply by drinking water of inhabited objects, to water supply of the food industry, to pumping of water in the technical purposes. Are intended for pumping of various liquids, including food, chemically...
Group: Centrifugal pumps
Pumps KMX 65-40-200,80-50-200 for chemical and active liquids
In stock 
Centrifugal pumps of the KMH series are intended for pumping of chemical and active liquids with a density up to 1850 kg/m3 and content of mechanical impurity in number of no more than 0,1% on weight with a size of particles no more than 0,2 mm. The flowing part of the pump is made of...
Group: Centrifugal pumps
KO-503 pump housing
In stock 
2000 UAH
Pump housing of KO-503 0214101    Consultation and selection of vacuum pumps +380675401166 Seregy Bogdanovich
Group: Shells pumps
Pump KO-503 pulley
In stock 
900 UAH
I will sell pulley to the pump KO-503, 505
Group: Pulleys
Pump vacuum KO-505A
In stock 
15000 UAH
Pump KO-505A: It is used by vacuum cars (KAMAZ, ZIL). Work at a temperature of air from-20 to +40os. Productivity - 310 m3/h Working pressure - 0,06 MPas Frequency of rotation of a rotor - 1150 rpm.  Consultation and selection of vacuum pumps +380675401166 Seregy Bogdanovich
Group: Vacuum pumps
Hatch reception KO-503. Spare parts to pumps
In stock 
3000 UAH
Spare parts to pumps. Hatch reception KO-503 (ANM-53 0700000) Application: All vacuum cars    Consultation and selection of accessories +380675401166 Seregy Bogdanovich
Group: Spare parts for pumps


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